Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

Magdalena Tul (Poland)
image of Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe

Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania)
image of Gėlė

Red Velvet (South Korea)
image of Cosmic

Arón (Spain/Germany)
image of Invisibilidad

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image of Follow My Heart
Follow My Heart
Ich Troje (Poland) & Real McCoy (Germany)

image of Little Hollywood
Little Hollywood
Alle Farben (Germany) & Janieck (The Netherlands)

image of Sieben Leben Für Dich
Sieben Leben Für Dich
Maite Kelly (Ireland/Germany)

image of Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
Nena (Germany) & Kim Wilde (U.K.)

image of Ho-Dio-Di-Jee (Paris Paris Paris)
Ho-Dio-Di-Jee (Paris Paris Paris)
Klubbb3 (Germany/The Netherlands/Belgium)

image of When The Rain Begins To Fall
When The Rain Begins To Fall
Peggy March (USA) & Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Cream Soda
Cream Soda
DelaDap & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Melinda Stoika (Austria/Germany)

image of It's December
It's December
Audrey Hannah (Germany/Canada)

image of Nouveau Monde
Nouveau Monde
Corneille (Canada/Germany)

image of Ich Steh Dazu
Ich Steh Dazu
Maite Kelly (Ireland/Germany)

image of Soap
Emily Roberts (Germany/U.K.)

image of She Moves (Far Away)
She Moves (Far Away)
Alle Farben (Germany) x Graham Candy (New Zealand)

image of Solo Para Ti
Solo Para Ti
Álvaro Soler (Spain) & Topic (Germany)

image of Journey To Jerusalem
Journey To Jerusalem
Sürpriz (Germany/Turkey)

image of Warum Hast Du Nicht Nein Gesagt
Warum Hast Du Nicht Nein Gesagt
Roland Kaiser (Germany) & Maite Kelly (Germany/Ireland)

image of Ma Bonita
Ma Bonita
Luca Hänni (Switzerland) & Sarah Engels (Germany)

image of Es Tut So Gut
Es Tut So Gut
Laura (The Netherlands) & Mark (Germany)

image of Life Was A Beach
Life Was A Beach
Lena (Germany) feat. Chris Hart (U.S.A./Japan)

image of One Kiss
One Kiss
Soda (Germany) & Melyz (Switzerland)

image of Waterfall
Michael Schulte (Germany) x R3HAB (The Netherlands/Morocco)

image of Oxigeno
Alvaro Soler (Spain/Germany)

image of Y A Ti Nadie Te Quiere
Y A Ti Nadie Te Quiere
Conchita (Spain) & Alvaro Soler (Spain/Germany)

image of Belfast
Boney M (Jamaica/Montserrat/Aruba/Germany)

image of Ready Since Forever
Ready Since Forever
Andreas Zaron (Germany) feat. Peggy March (USA)

image of If You Love Me
If You Love Me
Michael Schulte (Germany) & Norma Jean Martine (U.S.A.)

image of Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes
Anna Ermakova (U.K./Germany)

image of Who Cares
Who Cares
Mi Casa (South Africa) x Malik Harris (Germany)

image of Danza
Giovanni Zarrella (Germany/Italy)

image of Troublemaker
LUM!X (Austria) x Michael Schulte (Germany) x Paradigm (Australia/Germany)

image of Honey Boy
Honey Boy
Purple Disco Machine (Germany) & Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden) feat. Nile Rodgers (USA) & Shenseea (Jamaica)

image of Fantastico
Giovanni Zarrella (Germany/Italy)

image of Invisibilidad
Arón (Spain/Germany)

image of Fürstenfeld
voXXclub (Germany)

image of Leben Meiner Träume
Leben Meiner Träume
Julia Meladin (Germany)

image of Good Again
Good Again
Lena (Germany)

image of Promise
Malik Harris (Germany)

image of Berlin Is A Liar
Berlin Is A Liar
Boviy (Germany)

image of Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys (Germany)

image of Erwischt
Kati K & Finch (Germany)

image of Loyal To Myself
Loyal To Myself
Lena (Germany)

image of Die Liebe Meines Lebens
Die Liebe Meines Lebens
Saskia Leppin (Germany)

image of Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Cascada (Germany)

image of Das Tut Sich Doch Keiner Freiwillig An
Das Tut Sich Doch Keiner Freiwillig An
Maite Kelly (Germany)

image of Einfach Passiert
Einfach Passiert
Miguel Gaspar (Germany)

image of Always On The Run
Always On The Run
Isaak (Germany)

image of Lüg Mir Ins Gesicht
Lüg Mir Ins Gesicht
Anni Perka (Germany)

image of Alles Nur Geklaut
Alles Nur Geklaut
Die Prinzen (Germany)

image of I'm Sorry, I Love You
I'm Sorry, I Love You
Groenalund (Germany)

image of Christmas 2066
Christmas 2066
Sarah Connor (Germany)

image of Wer Wär Ich Ohne Dich
Wer Wär Ich Ohne Dich
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Straitjacket
Lena (Germany)

image of Wachgeküsst
Wolkenfrei (Germany)

image of Hamburg
Lena & Linus (Germany)

image of Deine Freunde
Deine Freunde
Alexa Feser (Germany)

image of Lieblingsmensch
Saskia Leppin & Tobee (Germany)

image of Unsere DNA
Unsere DNA
Antonia Kubas (Germany)

image of Ein Tag Wie Gold
Ein Tag Wie Gold
Meret Becker & MEUTE (Germany)

image of 99 Luftballons
99 Luftballons
Nena (Germany)

image of Girl Across The Street
Girl Across The Street
Damona (Germany)

image of That Other Boy
That Other Boy
Myle (Germany)

image of Schubidu & Shanana
Schubidu & Shanana
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Revolution
Alle Farben (Germany)

image of Dir Gehört Mein Herz
Dir Gehört Mein Herz
Giraffenaffen & Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Patience
Myle (Germany)

image of The Journey Of Life
The Journey Of Life
Thomas Anders (Germany)

image of Nimm Anlauf
Nimm Anlauf
Menderes (Germany)

image of Spring
Wincent Weiss x FOURTY (Germany)

image of Karawane
Nena (Germany)

image of Number 1
Number 1
Nico Santos (Germany)

image of Gib Mir Mehr
Gib Mir Mehr
Pia-Sophie (Germany)

image of Und Wenn Du Glaubst
Und Wenn Du Glaubst
Nicci Schubert (Germany)

image of Feel Alive
Feel Alive
Kamrad (Germany)

image of Immer Jemand Wach
Immer Jemand Wach
ela. (Germany)

image of Gold
Loi (Germany)

image of Tu Was Du Willst
Tu Was Du Willst
Madeline Juno (Germany)

image of Alles Genau So Nochmal
Alles Genau So Nochmal
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Melodies Of Hope
Melodies Of Hope
Patty Gurdy (Germany)

image of Ring Out The Bells
Ring Out The Bells
Sarah Connor (Germany)

image of More To This Life
More To This Life
Max Giesinger & Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Volltreffer Ins Herz
Volltreffer Ins Herz
Wolkenfrei (Germany)

image of Mädchen
Kerstin Ott (Germany)

image of Nur Du Schaffst Das
Nur Du Schaffst Das
Sonia Liebing (Germany)

image of Weekend Lover
Weekend Lover
Nico Santos (Germany)

image of No No Never
No No Never
Jill Fisher (Germany)

image of Someone Else
Someone Else
ClockClock (Germany)

image of Superhero
Laila Ziegler (Germany)

image of Lass Die Anderen Reden
Lass Die Anderen Reden
Karsten Walter & Marina Marx (Germany)

image of 100 x Verliebt
100 x Verliebt
Saskia Leppin (Germany)

image of Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree
Alle Farben & Fools Garden (Germany)

image of Let It Rain Down
Let It Rain Down
Alle Farben feat. PollyAnna (Germany)

image of Looking For Love
Looking For Love
Lena (Germany)

image of Meine Wahl
Meine Wahl
Mike Leon Grosch (Germany)

image of Einfach Machen
Einfach Machen
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Kuliko Jana - Eine neue Zeit
Kuliko Jana - Eine neue Zeit
Oonagh (Germany)

image of Nacht Voll Schatten
Nacht Voll Schatten
Sotiria (Germany)

image of Leben
Zwei Wie Eins (Germany)

image of Ewig
Pia-Sophie (Germany)

image of Angekommen
Yasmin Hutchins (Germany)

image of Adrenalin
Ella Endlich (Germany)

image of With You
With You
Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of My Diary
My Diary
Maël & Jonas (Germany)

image of Kissing Her, Missing You
Kissing Her, Missing You
Ben Dolic (Germany)

image of Plan A
Plan A
Johannes Oerding (Germany)

image of Tom's Diner
Tom's Diner
AnnenMayKantereit x Giant Rooks (Germany)

image of Synchronize
Milky Chance (Germany)

image of Rockstars
Malik Harris (Germany)

image of I Swear To God
I Swear To God
Maël & Jonas (Germany)

image of Morgen
Wincent Weiss (Germany)

image of Spuren Der Liebe
Spuren Der Liebe
Sonia Liebing (Germany)

image of Glück
Alexa Feser (Germany)

image of Remember Me
Remember Me
Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Happy Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Party
Lou (Germany)

image of Zeig Deine Muskeln
Zeig Deine Muskeln
Laing (Germany)

image of Ein letzter Kuss
Ein letzter Kuss
Eric Philippi (Germany)

image of Herzschmerz-Nummer
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Irgendwo Da Draußen
Irgendwo Da Draußen
Max Giesinger (Germany)

image of Here Goes Nothing
Here Goes Nothing
Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Null Auf 100
Null Auf 100
Helene Fischer (Germany)

image of Grund Genug
Grund Genug
Madeline Juno (Germany)

image of Cosmic Rider
Cosmic Rider
Thomas Anders (Germany)

image of Rooftop
Nico Santos (Germany)

image of Sommer, Sonne, Depression
Sommer, Sonne, Depression
Madeline Juno (Germany)

image of Hallöchen
Stereoact (Germany)

image of Mega
Chris Cronauer (Germany)

image of Anders Ist Gut
Anders Ist Gut
Michelle (Germany)

image of We Can Move A Mountain
We Can Move A Mountain
Fancy (Germany)

image of Wenn Du Mich Lãsst
Wenn Du Mich Lãsst
Lea (Germany)

image of My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dum Dum Dum)
My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dum Dum Dum)
ATC (Germany)

image of Let's Get Happy
Let's Get Happy
Lou (Germany)

image of Frauen Regieren Die Welt
Frauen Regieren Die Welt
Roger Cicero (Germany)

image of Violent Thing
Violent Thing
Ben Dolic (Germany)

image of Je Ne Sais Pas
Je Ne Sais Pas
Thomas Anders (Germany)

image of More And More
More And More
Captain Hollywood Project (Germany)

image of Taken By A Stranger
Taken By A Stranger
Lena (Germany)

image of No No Never
No No Never
Texas Lightning (Germany)

image of Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
Modern Talking (Germany)

image of Undone
Patrick Nuo (Germany)

image of Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye
YouNotUs x Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree
Fool's Garden (Germany)

image of Satellite
Lena (Germany)

image of Planet Of Blue
Planet Of Blue
Leon (Germany)

image of You Let Me Walk Alone
You Let Me Walk Alone
Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Du Bist So Gut Für Mich
Du Bist So Gut Für Mich
Nena (Germany)

image of 80 Millionen
80 Millionen
Max Giesinger (Germany)

image of Die Liste
Die Liste
Roger Cicero (Germany)

image of Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Alex Swings, Oscar Sings! (Germany)

image of Tausendmal
Munchener Freiheit (Germany)

image of Please Tell Rosie
Please Tell Rosie
Alle Farben feat. YouNotUs (Germany)

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