Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

Magdalena Tul (Poland)
image of Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe

Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania)
image of Gėlė

Red Velvet (South Korea)
image of Cosmic

Arón (Spain/Germany)
image of Invisibilidad

image of Favourite Thing
Favourite Thing
Fleur East (U.K.)

image of Shine
Sofia Nizharadze (Georgia)

image of Johnny And Mary
Johnny And Mary
Robert Palmer (U.K.)

image of Sorry
Emma Steinbakken (Norway)

image of Stuck In The '80s
Stuck In The '80s
Lake Malawi (Czech Republic)

image of Ano Koro No Kimi Wo Mitsuketa
Ano Koro No Kimi Wo Mitsuketa
SKE48 (Japan)

image of Elle Me Dit
Elle Me Dit
Mika (U.K./Lebanon)

image of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Baccara (Spain)

image of Ar Tu Jauti
Ar Tu Jauti
Saulės Kliošas (Lithuania)

image of Ordinary Days
Ordinary Days
Milet (Japan)

image of Kai Nieko Kito Nelieka Man
Kai Nieko Kito Nelieka Man
Donny Montell (Lithuania)

image of Ikke Som De Andre
Ikke Som De Andre
Alexandra Rotan (Norway)

image of Kiss My (Uh-Oh)
Kiss My (Uh-Oh)
Anne Marie & Little Mix (U.K.)

image of Cosmic Rider
Cosmic Rider
Thomas Anders (Germany)

image of Mysterious
Hello Venus (South Korea)

image of Our Kind Of Love
Our Kind Of Love
Hannah Waddingham (U.K.)

image of Poppin' Shakin'
Poppin' Shakin'
NiziU (Japan)

image of Alors, Alors
Alors, Alors
Lou (France)

image of Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day
World Order (Japan)

image of Rooftop
Nico Santos (Germany)

image of Was Du Liebe Nennst
Was Du Liebe Nennst
Tim Peters (Austria)

image of Runaway With It
Runaway With It

image of Hadashi No Step
Hadashi No Step
Lisa (Japan)

image of Shivers
Ed Sheeran (U.K.)

image of ¿Quién Pide Al Cielo Por Ti?
¿Quién Pide Al Cielo Por Ti?
Agoney (Spain)

image of La Rete
La Rete
Francesco Gabbani (Italy)

image of Run To Me
Run To Me
Ana Gazzola (Brazil)

image of Då Tror Du Fel
Då Tror Du Fel
Oscar Zia (Sweden)

image of Tutte Le Volte
Tutte Le Volte
Alessandra Amoroso (Italy)

image of Liebe Überall
Liebe Überall
Team 5Ünf (Austria)

image of Game Girl
Game Girl
Louane (France)

image of Stand Out Fit In
Stand Out Fit In
One OK Rock (Japan)

image of Surfing In The Air
Surfing In The Air
Christine Guldbrandsen (Norway)

image of Un, Deux, Trois
Un, Deux, Trois
Catherine Ferry (France)

image of 恋降る月夜に君想ふ (On The Moonlit Night When You Fall In Love) (Japan)
恋降る月夜に君想ふ (On The Moonlit Night When You Fall In Love) (Japan)
King And Prince (Japan)

image of On S'aimera Toujours
On S'aimera Toujours
Cœur De Pirate (Canada)

image of Whatcha Doin'
Whatcha Doin'
Yesung x Chung Ha (South Korea)

image of Pareja Del Año
Pareja Del Año
Sebastián Yatra (Colombia) & Myke Towers (USA)

image of Sommer, Sonne, Depression
Sommer, Sonne, Depression
Madeline Juno (Germany)

image of In My Dream
In My Dream
End Of The World (Japan)

image of Very Very Very
Very Very Very
I.O.I. (South Korea)

image of Looking For Linda
Looking For Linda
Hue & Cry (U.K.)

image of Je Ne Sais Quoi
Je Ne Sais Quoi
Hera Björk (Iceland)

image of Mega
Chris Cronauer (Germany)

image of Lilac
IU (South Korea)

image of Vivere A Colori
Vivere A Colori
Alessandra Amoroso (Italy)

image of Hallöchen
Stereoact (Germany)

image of I Only Wanna Be With You
I Only Wanna Be With You
Samantha Fox (U.K.)

image of Super Trouper
Super Trouper
ABBA (Sweden)

image of Changer
A.C.E. (South Korea)

image of We Can Move A Mountain
We Can Move A Mountain
Fancy (Germany)

image of Anders Ist Gut
Anders Ist Gut
Michelle (Germany)

image of Controvento
Arisa (Italy)

image of Dalla Dalla
Dalla Dalla
Itzy (South Korea)

image of Inception
ATeez (South Korea)

image of Crazy
Francine Jordi (Switzerland)

image of Can You Keep A Secret
Can You Keep A Secret
Brother Beyond (U.K.)

image of Don't Shut Me Down
Don't Shut Me Down
ABBA (Sweden)

image of I Still Have Faith In You
I Still Have Faith In You
ABBA (Sweden)

image of Year Of The Young
Year Of The Young
Smith & Thell (Sweden)

image of Hasta Ese Día
Hasta Ese Día
Lasso (Venezuela)

image of Snow World
Snow World
Snow Man (Japan)

image of Todo Lo Que Sube
Todo Lo Que Sube
Adrian Bello (Peru)

image of ラブレタ (Loveletter)
ラブレタ (Loveletter)
Yoasobi (Japan)

image of Keelatud Maa
Keelatud Maa
Maarja-Liis Ilus (Estonia)

image of Alltid Sommer
Alltid Sommer
Lars A. Fredriksen (Norway)

image of I Am An Army
I Am An Army
Joe McElderry (U.K.)

image of Experiment IV
Experiment IV
Kate Bush (U.K.)

image of Fly Away
Fly Away
Tones And I (Australia)

image of Whenever You Need Somebody
Whenever You Need Somebody
Rick Astley (U.K.)

image of Bella Bella
Bella Bella
Luca Hänni (Switzerland)

image of Moviestar
Harpo (Sweden)

image of When The Rain Begins To Fall
When The Rain Begins To Fall
Peggy March (USA) & Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of Saute
Barbara Pravi (France)

image of I Can't Stop Me
I Can't Stop Me
Twice (South Korea)

image of DEJAVU
AAA (Japan)

image of No Está En Tus Planes
No Está En Tus Planes
Pablo Alborán (Spain)

image of Le Temps
Le Temps
Calogero (France) & Rufus Wainwright (USA)

image of Не отпускай (Do Not Let Go)
Не отпускай (Do Not Let Go)
Sergey Lazarev (Russia) & Ani Lorak (Ukraine)

image of Lonely Lisa
Lonely Lisa
Mylène Farmer (France)

image of Listen To Your Heart
Listen To Your Heart
Sonia (U.K.)

image of Ciudad Mágica
Ciudad Mágica
Tan Biónica (Argentina)

image of Stay With Me
Stay With Me
Chanyeol & Punch (South Korea)

image of Gravity
Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine)

image of Black Hole
Black Hole
Griff (U.K.)

image of I Wanna Be Dancing
I Wanna Be Dancing
Drew Sycamore (Denmark)

image of Pohjola
Olli Halonen (Finland)

image of Alles Was Du Brauchst
Alles Was Du Brauchst
Beatrice Egli (Switzerland)

image of Sunshine
Liam Payne (U.K.)

image of Sax
Fleur East (U.K.)

image of In Spain We Call It Soledad
In Spain We Call It Soledad
Rigoberta Bandini (Spain)

image of A Contre-Courant
A Contre-Courant
Alizée (France)

image of Cling Cling
Cling Cling
Perfume (Japan)

image of Aman-Aman
Eldar (Azerbaijan)

image of Open Up Your Eyes
Open Up Your Eyes
Tom Hugo (Norway)

image of Paris
Caro Emerald (The Netherlands)

image of Radioactive Rain
Radioactive Rain
Smith & Thell (Sweden)

image of Que No, Que No
Que No, Que No
Rozalén (Spain) w/La Sonora Santanera (Mexico)

image of The Hope Song
The Hope Song
Jedward (Ireland)

image of Domino Dancing
Domino Dancing
Pet Shop Boys (U.K.)