Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

Magdalena Tul (Poland)
image of Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe

Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania)
image of Gėlė

Red Velvet (South Korea)
image of Cosmic

Arón (Spain/Germany)
image of Invisibilidad

image of Trompete
Luca Hänni (Switzerland)

image of One Day
One Day
Mariette (Sweden)

image of On My Way
On My Way
Panetoz (Sweden)

image of Tattoo
Loreen (Sweden)

image of Air
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Heaven
Niall Horan (Ireland)

image of Let's Love
Let's Love
Chuu & Kim Yo Han (South Korea)

image of Simple
Dion Cooper (The Netherlands)

image of Ylivoimainen
Kuumaa (Finland)

image of I Do! Do You?
I Do! Do You?
Kep1er (South Korea)

image of Promise
Voyager (Australia)

image of Diamonds
Victor Crone (Sweden)

image of Quédate
OV7 (Mexico)

image of I Feel Good
I Feel Good
Marie N (Latvia)

image of Ajedrez
David Bisbal (Spain)

image of A Fuego
A Fuego
Blas Cantó (Spain)

image of Évidemment
La Zarra (France/Canada)

image of Honestly
Limelight (South Korea)

image of Låt Hela Stan Se På
Låt Hela Stan Se På
Ida-Lova (Sweden)

image of Una Noche Sin Pensar
Una Noche Sin Pensar
Sebastián Yatra (Colombia)

image of Try To Be Better
Try To Be Better
Fabrizio Faniello (Malta)

image of Hoida Mut
Hoida Mut
Benjamin (Finland)

image of So Low
So Low
Rūta Mur (Lithuania)

image of Dance (Our Own Party)
Dance (Our Own Party)
The Busker (Malta)

image of Aijā
Sudden Lights (Latvia)

image of Whistle With Me
Whistle With Me
Panetoz (Sweden)

image of Rallumer Les Étoiles
Rallumer Les Étoiles
Mylène Farmer (France)

image of Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
StayC (South Korea)

image of Now I Know
Now I Know
Tennessee Tears (Sweden)

image of Canım
Göksel (Turkey)

image of All Of My Life (Where Have You Been)
All Of My Life (Where Have You Been)
Wiktoria (Sweden)

image of Mer Av Dig
Mer Av Dig
Theoz (Sweden)

image of Madam
Aidan (Malta)

image of Ghosts Again
Ghosts Again
Depeche Mode (U.K.)

image of Furore
Paola & Chiara (Italy)

image of 2:02
Aliisa Syrjä (Finland)

image of That's The Way
That's The Way
Maria Sur (Ukraine/Sweden)

image of Best Friend Ever
Best Friend Ever
NCT Dream (South Korea)

image of Due Vite
Due Vite
Marco Mengoni (Italy)

image of Terzo Cuore
Terzo Cuore
Leo Gassmann (Italy)

image of Malo Memo
Malo Memo
Carol Biazin (Brazil)

image of Danser
Loïc Nottet (Belgium)

image of We Are Fighting (Боремось)
We Are Fighting (Боремось)
Tvorchi (Ukraine)

image of Es Gaidu Ziemu
Es Gaidu Ziemu
Triānas Parks (Latvia)

image of La Mitad
La Mitad
Miki Núñez & Paula Koops (Spain)

image of Forever
Markus Riva (Latvia)

image of Eaea
Blanca Paloma (Spain)

image of Don't Tell Me
Don't Tell Me
Lucia (U.K.)

image of Breaking My Heart
Breaking My Heart
Reiley (Faroe Islands)

image of Parallel Parallel
Parallel Parallel
TVXQ! (South Korea)

image of Too Good For Your Love
Too Good For Your Love
Adgy (Ireland)

image of Hej Gamle Man
Hej Gamle Man
Elisa Lindström (Sweden)

image of Top Fan
Top Fan
Yelle (France)

image of Feel Alive
Feel Alive
Kamrad (Germany)

image of Wait A Minute!
Wait A Minute!
Watwing (Japan)

image of Best Girl In The World
Best Girl In The World
Theoz (Sweden)

image of Puppet
Amia (Romania)

image of Immer Jemand Wach
Immer Jemand Wach
ela. (Germany)

image of B.E.D.A.N.K.T.
Stefania (Greece/The Netherlands)

image of Sk8er Boi
Sk8er Boi
Yoon (South Korea)

image of Si En Ávila Estás
Si En Ávila Estás
Rosa López (Spain)

image of Maharani
Alamat (Philippines)

image of Shooting Star
Shooting Star
XG (Japan)

image of Sugar Rush Ride
Sugar Rush Ride
Tomorrow X Together (South Korea)

image of Yo Te Diré
Yo Te Diré
Miranda! & Lali (Argentina)

image of About
Beatrich (Lithuania)

image of Queen of Kings
Queen of Kings
Alessandra Mele (Norway/Italy)

image of Prohibition
Swing'It (Norway)

image of Be OK
April Ivy (Portugal)

image of Stiekem
Maan feat. Goldband (The Netherlands)

image of Higher
Laura Tesoro (Belgium)

image of Dans
Freddy Kalas (Norway)

image of Take A Chance
Take A Chance
Sera (The Netherlands)

image of In The Stars
In The Stars
Benson Boone (USA) & Philippine Lavrey (France)

image of Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53
Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53
Bizarapp (Argentina) & Shakira (Colombia)

image of Un Clásico
Un Clásico
Ana Mena (Spain)

image of Moonlight Sunrise
Moonlight Sunrise
Twice (South Korea)

image of Hunter
Lil League (Japan)

image of Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Jinyoung (South Korea)

image of Cha Cha Cha
Cha Cha Cha
Käärijä (Finland)

image of Aurora
cignature (South Korea)

image of Stuck In The Cloud
Stuck In The Cloud
Pam Rabbit (Czech Republic)

image of Ça M'ennuie Pas
Ça M'ennuie Pas
Chérine (Belgium)

image of Girls Like You
Girls Like You
Robin Packalen (Finland)

image of Because Of You
Because Of You
Gustaph (Belgium)

image of Slapeloosheid
Suzan & Freek (The Netherlands)

image of Vibe
Taeyang feat. Jimin (South Korea)

image of Fora De Área
Fora De Área
Melim (Brazil)

image of Deeper And Deeper
Deeper And Deeper
Lucia (U.K.)

image of Upside Down
Upside Down
A*Teens (Sweden)

image of Shchedryi Vechir
Shchedryi Vechir
Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine)

image of Never Gonna Give You Up
Never Gonna Give You Up
Daði Freyr (Iceland)

image of Moonlight
Henry (China/Canada)

image of Long Time No See
Long Time No See
Wild Youth (Ireland)

image of Wild
Leila Jane (Ireland)

image of Fotoportretas
Sadboi (Lithuania)

image of Enfant De
Enfant De
Pierre de Maere (Belgium)

image of Gimme Your Love
Gimme Your Love
Medun (Austria) x Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Beautiful Liar
Beautiful Liar
MONSTA X (South Korea)

image of Melody
Sigala (U.K.)