Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

Magdalena Tul (Poland)
image of Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe

Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania)
image of Gėlė

Red Velvet (South Korea)
image of Cosmic

Arón (Spain/Germany)
image of Invisibilidad

image of Don't
Simu Liu (China/Canada)

image of Not Your Summer
Not Your Summer
The Academic (Ireland)

image of Quiet
Ilse DeLange (The Netherlands)

image of MTJL
Mae Muller (U.K.)

image of One Nation Under Love
One Nation Under Love
Tina Karol (Ukraine) & Diane Warren (USA)

image of Look At Me
Look At Me
NiziU (Japan)

image of Girl Across The Street
Girl Across The Street
Damona (Germany)

image of Give Me Back My Heart
Give Me Back My Heart
Dollar (U.K.)

image of Spaceship
Trei Degete feat. Zlod & Cheb Funky (France)

image of Magie
Camille (Belgium)

image of My Mamma Said
My Mamma Said
Aqua (Denmark)

image of Floorfiller
A*Teens (Sweden)

image of Bambambam
Yerin (South Korea)

image of Sing A Song Together
Sing A Song Together
Mamoru Miyano (Japan)

image of Bauhaus Staircase
Bauhaus Staircase
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (U.K.)

image of Oh My Johnny (Banks Of The Roses)
Oh My Johnny (Banks Of The Roses)
Chasing Abbey (Ireland)

image of Side By Side
Side By Side
The8 (China/South Korea)

image of Our Lips Are Sealed
Our Lips Are Sealed
Nouvelle Vague (France) feat. Terry Hall (U.K.)

image of Niewidzialni
Blue Café (Poland)

image of RadioVision
JO1 (Japan)

image of VHS
Lolo Zouaï (France/USA)

image of Moon
Perfume (Japan)

image of Petals On The Moon
Petals On The Moon
Wasia Project (U.K.)

image of Comment On Fait
Comment On Fait
Vianney & Zazie (France)

image of Laser Beam
Laser Beam
Perfume (Japan)

image of Corea
Sebastian Llosa (Peru)

image of Cruisin'
IMP. (Japan)

image of Give You Love
Give You Love
Jessica Mauboy (Australia) feat. Jason Derulo (USA)

image of Dover Beach
Dover Beach
Baby Queen (South Africa/U.K.)

image of Thirsty
Glam (Ukraine)

image of Don't Delete The Kisses
Don't Delete The Kisses
Wolf Alice (U.K.)

image of Don't Buy Me Flowers
Don't Buy Me Flowers
Lolo Zouaï (France/USA)

image of Moon Eyes
Moon Eyes
Cehryl (China)

image of I Can't Stop
I Can't Stop
Tvorchi (Ukraine)

image of Life
Gen Hoshino (Japan)

image of Chessboard
Official Hige Dandism (Japan)

image of Last Call
Last Call
Will Linley (South Africa)

image of Hero
Raylee (Norway)

image of Gloria
Tally (Suriname/The Netherlands)

image of C'est La Vie
C'est La Vie
Banners (U.K.)

image of First Flight
First Flight
DXTEEN (Japan)

image of It's Good To Be In Love
It's Good To Be In Love
Frou Frou (U.K.)

image of Avec Un Si
Avec Un Si
Hopen (France)

image of Show Me Your Love
Show Me Your Love
Tina Karol (Ukraine)

image of Taxi
Jo Yuri (South Korea)

image of Jouer
Clo & Tim (France)

image of Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss
The Boyz (South Korea)

image of We Go
We Go
The Wind (South Korea)

image of Everything Was For Love
Everything Was For Love
Carla Morrison (Mexico)

image of Summer Time Cinderella
Summer Time Cinderella
Ryokuoushoku Shakai (Japan)

image of Azul
Cristian Castro (Mexico)

image of Madeleine
LimeLight (South Korea)

image of Mermaid
Wednesday Campanella (Japan)

image of Convenience Store
Convenience Store
Heleina Zara (Australia)

image of Loop
Mia Nicolai (The Netherlands)

image of De Nacht Is Nog Zo Lang
De Nacht Is Nog Zo Lang
Sieneke (The Netherlands)

image of Size Of The Kaiju
Size Of The Kaiju
Back Number (Japan)

image of Si Tú La Quieres
Si Tú La Quieres
David Bisbal & Aitana (Spain)

image of Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Hugh Nicholson (U.K.)

image of Quiet
Noga Erez (Israel)

image of Voyage
Munya (Canada)

image of Rihanna
Camille (Belgium)

image of Daijoubu
Haruka Fukuhara (Japan)

image of Sync Of Summer
Sync Of Summer
Tatsuro Yamashita (Japan)

image of Erop Of Eronder
Erop Of Eronder
Pommelien Thijs (Belgium)

image of Soda Pop
Soda Pop
Emiko Suzuki (Japan)

image of Bona Bona
Bona Bona
Treasure (South Korea)

image of Loro
Robleis x Miranda! (Argentina)

image of Spinning Globe
Spinning Globe
Kenshi Yonezu (Japan)

image of Tough (The Girls Song)
Tough (The Girls Song)
Will Linley (South Africa)

image of Aloha
Soyou (South Korea)

image of Kasuka Na Kaori
Kasuka Na Kaori
Perfume (Japan)

image of These Are The Days
These Are The Days
S Club (U.K.)

image of Running Up That Hill
Running Up That Hill
Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden)

image of In A Moment Like This
In A Moment Like This
Chanée & n'evergreen (Denmark)

image of Butterfly
Smile (Denmark)

image of Life Is A Flower
Life Is A Flower
Ace Of Base (Sweden)

image of Peux-tu Me Dire ?
Peux-tu Me Dire ?
21 Juin Le Duo (France)

image of Summer Comes
Summer Comes
Oh My Girl (South Korea)

image of Lollipop (Candyman)
Lollipop (Candyman)
Aqua (Denmark)

image of Je N'ai Plus Peur
Je N'ai Plus Peur
Nade (France)

image of NEWSmile
JO1 (Japan)

image of Tudo A Dançar
Tudo A Dançar
Rui Bandeira (Portugal)

image of Söz
Chingiz Mustafayev (Azerbaijan)

image of Coconut
NiziU (Japan)

image of Le Stade
Le Stade
Fredz (Canada)

image of ETA
NewJeans (South Korea)

image of Paradise Calling
Paradise Calling
Birdy (U.K.)

image of Summer Sky
Summer Sky
Henry (Canada/China/South Korea)

image of Daylight
Harry Styles (U.K.)

image of That Other Boy
That Other Boy
Myle (Germany)

image of Se På Oss Nu
Se På Oss Nu
Oscar Enestad (Sweden)

image of Save Me
Save Me
Mamamoo (South Korea)

image of C'est Quoi Ma Place ?
C'est Quoi Ma Place ?
21 Juin Le Duo (France)

image of Quoi
Jane Birkin (France/U.K.)

image of Baby Cruising Love
Baby Cruising Love
Perfume (Japan)

image of Linearmotor Girl
Linearmotor Girl
Perfume (Japan)

image of Mejores Momentos
Mejores Momentos
Noan & Edurne (Spain)

image of Let's Get On The Beat
Let's Get On The Beat

image of Padam Padam
Padam Padam
Daði Freyr (Iceland)