Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

Magdalena Tul (Poland)
image of Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe

Vaidas Baumila (Lithuania)
image of Gėlė

Red Velvet (South Korea)
image of Cosmic

Arón (Spain/Germany)
image of Invisibilidad

image of Nous
Julien Doré (France)

image of Hiasobi
Flumpool (Japan)

image of Festival
Sandra Park (South Korea)

image of En Vrai
En Vrai
Valentina (France)

image of Voyage En Italie
Voyage En Italie
21 Juin Le Duo (France)

image of Hug,Me
Yutori-Sedai (Japan)

image of Les Choses Qu'on Fait
Les Choses Qu'on Fait
Vitaa (France)

image of Fille Perdu
Fille Perdu
Elsa Esnoult (France)

image of We've Got The World
We've Got The World
Mickey Joe Hart feat. Cathal Mingoue (Ireland)

image of Boys Like Toys
Boys Like Toys
Blanka (Poland)

image of Computer City
Computer City
Perfume (Japan)

image of T'as Le Temps
T'as Le Temps
Julien Canaby (France)

image of Do It Like That
Do It Like That
TXT (South Korea) & Jonas Brothers (USA)

image of Melodia Criminal
Melodia Criminal
Fred De Palma (Italy) x Ana Mena (Spain)

image of Mondai Girl
Mondai Girl
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Japan)

image of Work Of Art
Work Of Art
Ilira (Switzerland)

image of Somos Dos
Somos Dos
Pablo Alborán (Spain)

image of Un Deux Trois
Un Deux Trois
MUNYA (Canada)

image of HWeek
Teen Top (South Korea)

image of Candy Kiss
Candy Kiss
Travis Japan (Japan)

image of Balance
Beatrice Egli (Switzerland)

image of Agüita
Jorge González (Chile) & Soraya (Spain)

image of Me, Myself & I
Me, Myself & I
Mae Muller (U.K.)

image of Daylight
Sheppard (Australia)

image of Small Talk
Small Talk
Kim Sung Kyu (South Korea)

image of I Surrender
I Surrender
Claire Richards (U.K.)

image of Hear Me Out
Hear Me Out
EXO (South Korea)

image of My Oh My
My Oh My
Aqua (Denmark)

image of Natural Ni Koishite
Natural Ni Koishite
Perfume (Japan)

image of Electro World
Electro World
Perfume (Japan)

image of The Wonderful Escape
The Wonderful Escape
U-KISS (South Korea)

image of Choo Choo Train
Choo Choo Train
Fantastics From Exile Tribe (Japan)

image of Love Story
Love Story
Indila (France)

image of Rest From The Streets
Rest From The Streets
A Friend In London (Denmark) & Carly Rae Jepsen (Canada)

image of The Sign
The Sign
Ace Of Base (Sweden)

image of Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones
Aqua (Denmark)

image of I'm In A Different World
I'm In A Different World
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin (U.K.)

image of Have You Ever Loved Someone
Have You Ever Loved Someone
Banners (U.K.)

image of Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes
Monoir x wrs (Romania)

image of Laikas
Vaidas Baumila & Gamka (Lithuania)

image of Lime & Lemon
Lime & Lemon
Tohoshinki (South Korea)

image of Jugo De Guayaba
Jugo De Guayaba
Carlos Sadness (Spain)

image of Ya Lo Sabía
Ya Lo Sabía
Miranda! (Argentina) & Sofia Reyes (Mexico)

image of Dependent
Mae Muller (U.K.)

image of Topaz
M!lk (Japan)

image of Give Me Love
Give Me Love
Hey! Say! JUMP (Japan)

image of Fuimos
Samantha (Spain)

image of Slow It Down
Slow It Down
Da Buzz (Sweden)

image of Broken Melodies
Broken Melodies
NCT Dream (South Korea)

image of Doob Doob
Doob Doob
YGIG (Philippines)

image of Acquamarina
Ana Mena (Spain) & Guè (Italy)

image of Skål
Samir & Viktor (Sweden)

image of Ilang Beses Kita Mamahalin?
Ilang Beses Kita Mamahalin?
December Avenue (Philippines)

image of Summer Rain
Summer Rain
Victoria Nadine (Norway)

image of Ay, Ay, Ay
Ay, Ay, Ay
David Bisbal (Spain)

image of Maníaca
Abraham Mateo (Spain)

image of When The Day Is Done
When The Day Is Done
grentperez (Australia)

image of Un Buon Inizio
Un Buon Inizio
Laura Pausini (Italy)

image of Wild Heart
Wild Heart
LUN8 (South Korea)

image of Marshmallow
Misamo (Japan)

image of Ready To Move
Ready To Move
Ren (South Korea)

image of Take Two
Take Two
BTS (South Korea)

image of Magic
Mrs. Green Apple (Japan)

image of Everyday Now
Everyday Now
Texas (U.K.)

image of Nebesa
Maraaya (Slovenia)

image of Everytime We Touch
Everytime We Touch
Maggie Reilly (U.K.)

image of Sealed With A Kiss
Sealed With A Kiss
Jason Donovan (Australia)

image of Ritma
KEiiNO (Norway)

image of The Feeling
The Feeling
SHINee (South Korea)

image of Las Babys
Las Babys
Aitana (Spain)

image of Pelo Suelto
Pelo Suelto
Elsa y Elmar (Colombia) & Conociendo Rusia (Argentina)

image of El Plan
El Plan
Sebastian Llosa (Peru)

image of Karminowe Usta
Karminowe Usta
Cleo (Poland)

image of Poppin' Hoppin' Lovin'
Poppin' Hoppin' Lovin'
Naniwa Danshi (Japan)

image of Llámame Si Me Necesitas
Llámame Si Me Necesitas
Mœnia (Mexico)

image of We Could Be The One
We Could Be The One
Dannii Minogue (Australia)

image of Granita
LDA (Italy)

image of Schubidu & Shanana
Schubidu & Shanana
Andreas Zaron (Germany)

image of PAS
Belén Aguilera & Pimp Flaco (Spain)

image of A Las 3
A Las 3
Paty Cantú & León Leiden (Mexico)

image of Dance The Night Away
Dance The Night Away
Dua Lipa (U.K./Albania)

image of Turquoise
Sekai No Owari (Japan)

image of Animal Distinto
Animal Distinto
Blas Cantó (Spain)

image of Revolution
Alle Farben (Germany)

image of Serenade

image of Island
The Wind (South Korea)

image of Chemistry
The7 (South Korea/Thailand)

image of Name In Lights
Name In Lights
Banners (U.K.)

image of Under Your Spell
Under Your Spell
The Starlings & Ozark Henry (Belgium)

image of Hare Hare
Hare Hare
Twice (South Korea)

image of Tu Misterioso Alguien
Tu Misterioso Alguien
Miranda! & Andrés Calamaro (Argentina)

image of Ogledalo
Nevena Božović (Serbia)

image of Dir Gehört Mein Herz
Dir Gehört Mein Herz
Giraffenaffen & Michael Schulte (Germany)

image of Ikar
Michał Wiśniewski & Etiennette WIśniewska (Poland)

image of Angel (Янгол)
Angel (Янгол)
Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine)

image of Moves To Make
Moves To Make
Daði Freyr (Iceland)

image of Cien X Cien
Cien X Cien
Natalia (Spain)

image of Single-Bilingual
Pet Shop Boys (U.K.)

image of Allting Som Vi Sa
Allting Som Vi Sa
Ida Redig (Sweden)

image of Wild World
Wild World
Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden)