Pop Goes The World

My favorite songs from all over the world. Some in English and some not.

The Boy Next Door (The Netherlands) x Belle Perez (Belgium/Spain) x Xerxes (The Netherlands)
image of La Vida
La Vida

flowerovlove (U.K.)
image of Breaking News
Breaking News

Miguel Gaspar (Germany)
image of Märchenprinz

Luiza (France)
image of Demain, Demain
Demain, Demain

  Norway   80 videos
image of Summer Feeling
Summer Feeling
Matoma (Norway) feat. Jonah Kagen (USA)

image of Man On The Moon
Man On The Moon
Alan Walker (U.K./Norway) x Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden)

image of Lights Off
Lights Off
We Are Domi (Czech Republic/Norway)

image of Kill The Lonely
Kill The Lonely
Amanda Tenfjord (Greece/Norway)

image of Bad Life
Bad Life
Sigrid (Norway) & Bring Me The Horizon (U.K.)

image of Meteorite
Anna Of The North (Norway) & Gus Dapperton (U.S.A.)

image of Gimme Your Love
Gimme Your Love
Medun (Austria) x Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Queen of Kings
Queen of Kings
Alessandra Mele (Norway/Italy)

image of 1000 Views
Alexander Rybak (Norway) feat. Grace Kelly (USA)

image of Golden
We Are Domi (Czech Republic/USA/Norway)

image of Holiday
Peder Elias (Norway) feat. Keenan Te (Australia)

image of Supposed To Be
Supposed To Be
Alessandra (Norway)

image of First To Go
First To Go
Astrid S (Norway)

image of Some Type Of Skin
Some Type Of Skin
Aurora (Norway)

image of Unforgettable
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Cake At Work
Cake At Work
Thomas Jenssen (Norway)

image of My AI
Super Rob, Erika Norwich (Norway)

image of Damdiggida
KEiiNO (Norway)

image of Ice Cream Baby
Ice Cream Baby
Thomas Jenssen (Norway)

image of Oblivion
Margaret Berger (Norway)

image of Your Blood
Your Blood
Aurora (Norway)

image of Butterflies
Tone Damli (Norway)

image of 247365
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Hero
Raylee (Norway)

image of Summer Rain
Summer Rain
Victoria Nadine (Norway)

image of Ritma
KEiiNO (Norway)

image of Mirror
Sigrid (Norway)

image of Not Meant To Be
Not Meant To Be
Eline Thorp (Norway)

image of Air
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Prohibition
Swing'It (Norway)

image of Dans
Freddy Kalas (Norway)

image of A Driver Saved My Night
A Driver Saved My Night
Sigrid (Norway)

image of I Do You
I Do You
Anna Of The North (Norway)

image of Cars And Boys
Cars And Boys
Nathalie Nordnes (Norway)

image of Always Will
Always Will
G-stèn (Norway)

image of Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)
Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)
Subwoolfer (Norway)

image of When All The Lights Go Out
When All The Lights Go Out
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of Memories
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Trouble
Nico & Vinz (Norway)

image of Better Alone
Better Alone
Peder Elias (Norway)

image of Give That Wolf A Banana
Give That Wolf A Banana
Subwoolfer (Norway)

image of Fairytale
Subwoolfer (Norway)

image of It Gets Dark
It Gets Dark
Sigrid (Norway)

image of Closer
Frida Amundsen (Norway)

image of Hvis Jeg Forlot Verden
Hvis Jeg Forlot Verden
Tix (Norway)

image of Do Ya Wanna Taste It
Do Ya Wanna Taste It
Wig Wam (Norway)

image of A Temporary High
A Temporary High
Aurora (Norway)

image of Kvelertak
Daniel Lukas (Norway)

image of Black Flowers
Black Flowers
Frode Vassel (Norway)

image of A New Beginning
A New Beginning
KEiiNO feat. Peder Elias (Norway)

image of Pretty
Astrid S & Dagny (Norway)

image of You're The Voice
You're The Voice
Alexandra Rotan (Norway)

image of Giving In To The Love
Giving In To The Love
Aurora (Norway)

image of I Like I Like I Like
I Like I Like I Like
Tom Hugo (Norway)

image of End Of Time (Taste Of Heaven)
End Of Time (Taste Of Heaven)
KEiiNO (Norway)

image of Attention
Ulrikke (Norway)

image of Here She Comes
Here She Comes
Kurt Nilsen (Norway)

image of Ikke Som De Andre
Ikke Som De Andre
Alexandra Rotan (Norway)

image of Sorry
Emma Steinbakken (Norway)

image of Surfing In The Air
Surfing In The Air
Christine Guldbrandsen (Norway)

image of Alltid Sommer
Alltid Sommer
Lars A. Fredriksen (Norway)

image of Open Up Your Eyes
Open Up Your Eyes
Tom Hugo (Norway)

image of Strangers
Sigrid (Norway)

image of My Heart Goes Boom
My Heart Goes Boom
Charmed (Norway)

image of I Came To Love You
I Came To Love You
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Grab The Moment
Grab The Moment
Jowst (Norway)

image of Cure For Me
Cure For Me
Aurora (Norway)

image of Europe's Skies
Europe's Skies
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Beggin'
Madcon (Norway)

image of Such A Boy
Such A Boy
Astrid S (Norway)

image of Fairytale
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Why I Mess It Up
Why I Mess It Up
Hanne Sørvaag (Norway)

image of Wearing Nothing
Wearing Nothing
Dagny (Norway)

image of I'm Not Afraid To Move On
I'm Not Afraid To Move On
Jostein Hasselgárd (Norway)

image of Conqueror
Aurora (Norway)

image of Elektrisk
Marcus & Martinus (Norway)

image of That's How You Write A Song
That's How You Write A Song
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Monument
KEiiNO (Norway)

image of Magic
Alexander Rybak (Norway)

image of Spirit In The Sky
Spirit In The Sky
KEiiNO (Norway)

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